Our Mission & Vision

“Welcome To New Tabor Brethren Church!”

This greeting has been made to many throughout our 120 years. In those years the people have changed, the visions have grown and our purpose has strengthened. The one constant has been God’s Spirit among us. The same Spirit that moved on a group of Czech immigrants from the ships at the Houston channel to pioneer a church where they could worship, is among us today. We have moved from ministering to local farmer’s families, to missions’ projects around the world and in our community.  Our purpose is to minister to those in our community and to build up an army of mature Christians to do the work Christ commissioned us to do abroad.

We may be rural in our location, but we are cosmopolitan in our outreach.

JOHNSON-DAVID-64As a local congregation, called and commissioned by Christ, we are committed to influence, encourage, and spiritually affect our environment. It is not enough that we maintain our membership and conduct services. We choose to be used of God by making ourselves available to ministry opportunities where we can make a difference. When the community needs rain, we pray. When the schools need prayer and encouragement, we are there. We have been a Christian presence at the Chamber of Commerce, School Board, Courthouse, County Commissioners Court, School Classrooms, Student Leadership, and Local Businesses and yes, Farms. God has placed us in these areas to represent Him and we pledge to be His Ambassadors.  Just as those immigrants felt compelled to build a church 120 years ago, we feel compelled to build Christ’s church today.

So, if you identify with our purpose, we believe you also identify with Christ. The same Spirit that moved those immigrants 120 years ago is still vibrantly working amongst us here. We pray that 120 years from now the Spirit of Christ will move our great grandchildren then as He moves us now.

 Bro. David Johnson, Pastor